My work explores the intersection between old and new, antique and contemporary. Originally from New Orleans, I’ve spent my life surrounded by vibrant, creative influences that both inspire and challenge me to push beyond the conventional uses of a medium. Prior to working in mixed  media, I collaborated with my twin sister on several series of paintings, using layers of acrylic paint and glaze to transform the familiar landscape into the subliminal abstract. A marketing major from the University of Alabama and a graduate of Pratt University, my artistic foundation is a blend of formal education and years of an apprenticeship learning how to sew, needlepoint, and embroider from my mother and grandmother.


I learned to needlepoint in my early twenties and was immediately enthralled with the craft. Over the years, I have spent countless hours needlepointing everything from stockings and ornaments to pillows, chess boards, and nutcrackers. Inspired by Mark Rothko and Paul Tarver, I regularly explored abstraction, lines, and color fields in my other works -- namely the paintings I created in collaboration with my twin sister -- but it wasn’t until recently that I began to push the limits and traditions of fiber art through the exploration of stitching patterns, materials, and negative space.


In addition to exploring the saturation and simultaneous balance of color, my work focuses primarily on the precise process of needlepointing, from planning through execution. Before sewing, I draw the piece on graph paper, mapping out the length, direction, and style of each stitch, which similar to brushstrokes on a canvas, direction determine the texture, emotion, and saturation of color. When translating the design to needlepoint, I work both with and against the canvas’ grid, experimenting with the obvious structure through the manipulation of stitches and negative space. The grid encourages precision and order while supporting a rhythm and flow.


  • Member of The Poppy Society's community of artists 2021

  • October Emerging Artist Online Pop-up  The Scouted Studio 2020

  • Values  gallerygallery.com  2019

  • Delta Delta Delta House  Tuscaloosa, AL 

  • Huntsville Museum of Art Gala  Huntsville, AL 2016-17​

  • Art in Bloom (Featured Artist)  Greenwich, CT 2015

  • Harding Art Show  Nashville, TN  2015

  • Yes She Can  (Featured Artist)  Greenwich, CT  2014   

  • Art, Wind and Wine Portsmouth, RI  2014

  • Private Showing  Charleston, SC  2014

  • Just add Water Greenwich, CT  2014